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Full range of drywall products & services for over 45 years
Three Kelco Drywall employees in safety hats and vests as they inspect a drywall installation job by Kelco Drywall.

Kelowna Drywall & Insulation Contractor

About Kelco Drywall

Since 1976, Kelco Drywall Ltd has steadily grown to become a leading contractor of Residential and Commercial Drywall Installation for the interior of British Columbia, Canada. We offer a full range of drywall products and services for all situations: from basic ‘starter homes’ and extravagant custom homes in our residential department, to Hotels, Condominiums and Office-Warehouses in our Commercial department.

We contract with our builders to provide a full range of services including steel stud framing, drywall and related products, textured ceilings, acoustical and thermal insulation and suspended acoustical ceiling systems.

At Kelco, we strive to maintain the high standards of quality and excellence that our customers have come to expect. We go out of our way to ensure that only well trained and experienced installers and finishers are utilized to complete our contracts.

In addition to the quality of the tradesmen, we also make sure that only the highest quality products are delivered promptly and efficiently to our worksites. We also pride ourselves in maintaining a very stringent level of Quality Assurance to ensure that every job meets the highest finishing standards.

Jim Byrne,

Kelco Drywall Ltd.
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Profile picture of one of the Kelco Drywall employees, he is wearing a helmet as well as a safety vest.