Why Us?

3-in-1 Solution
We offer 3 services (drywall, insulation and painting) with one phone call. We are offering this exclusively for Okanagan customers at the moment. "One call does it all!"

Our participation in the Builder's Warranty Program keeps us involved with Customer Satisfaction in our completed jobs for a full year. Contact us for more details about our written warranty.

Trusted Locally
Some Okananagan developers and award-winning builders have used Kelco exclusively for over 20 years.

Volume Discounts
We get the best volume discounts on material purchases to keep you secure within your budget.

90% of our clients are referrals from satisfied and repeat customers.

“At our development at Gallagher’s Canyon
we regularly hear compliments about
our attention to detail and that is what Kelco is all
about. The quality of their work is terrific and the
service is the same. We are proud of our
development and I wouldn’t trust the drywall work
here to anyone but Kelco Drywall.”

-Tom Weisbeck
Vice President Development
Burrard International Development Inc.
“It has been a pleasure dealing with Kelco
Drywall on my recent project in Lake Country.
I was treated to prompt service – they did
what they said they would do and
for the price as quoted. No hidden costs
or surprises – great company.”

-Grant Janz – G. J. Carpentry Services
“It was obvious that the staff at Kelco care
about the quality of their work and I was very
pleased with the job they did at my home”

-Jim Duff
“I’ve had the great fortune to work with Kelco
on various projects (commercial and residential)
since 2001. It was always appreciated
the commitment shown by Kelco
for their high quality of workmanship and
addressing any
concerns that I may have had.”

-Allan Bremner
Gallagher's Canyon

Kelco Drywall - Kelowna Drywall & Insulation

Since 1976, Kelco Drywall Ltd has steadily grown to become a leading contractor of Residential and Commercial Drywall Installation for the interior of British Columbia, Canada. We offer a full range of drywall products and services for all situations: from basic 'starter homes' and extravagant custom homes in our residential department, to Hotels, Condominiums and Office-Warehouses in our Commercial department.

We contract with our builders to provide a full range of services including steel stud framing, drywall and related products, textured ceilings, acoustical and thermal insulation and suspended acoustical ceiling systems.

At Kelco, we strive to maintain the high standards of quality and excellence that our customers have come to expect. We go out of our way to ensure that only well trained and experienced installers and finishers are utilized to complete our contracts.

In addition to the quality of the tradesmen, we also make sure that only the highest quality products are delivered promptly and efficiently to our worksites. We also pride ourselves in maintaining a very stringent level of Quality Assurance to ensure that every job meets the highest finishing standards.

Jim Byrne
Kelco Drywall Ltd.