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4 Ways To Find A Local Drywall Contractor In Kelowna BC

It can be a difficult task to find a trustworthy drywall contractor in the Okanagan valley. You love living in Kelowna, BC and you want to ensure the highest quality installation of drywall product in your upcoming dream home. You’re also no Tim Allen (har har har) and wouldn’t dream of D.I.Y.

Well then, the following four tips should help you on your journey to discovering top notch drywall services:

  1. Check out local wall and ceiling associations. Not only will they point you in the right direction, they can also be a massive resource for training as some offer affordable courses. It wouldn’t hurt to know how to read contracts and blueprints at a bare minimum (even as a first time home builder).
  2. Google is always your friend, especially when you’re hunting around Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan valley. This will require a bit more due diligence on your end as the results aren’t as cut and dry as referrals. You will need to sort by who’s delivering the most value, providing photos of their work and passing all the legitimate license and permit requirements. They should also be able to answer your specific questions. Remember to be as specific and pointed as possible so they can deliver the best drywall installation services.
  3. Word of mouth works wonders! Tap into your personal network even if they are miles away. You are only one to three degrees of separation away from the next top gun. Friends, family, coworkers, cohorts and common interest groups will be a limitless source of local contractor leads. One more thing, model the best! If you like the drywall in a target neighbourhood, don’t hesitate to ask other owners how you can look so amazing too.
  4. Find the top drywall product suppliers in town and make small talk. The drywall companies with good reputations will always be the cream rising to the top. Anyone doing bad business or shafting people will quickly be exposed. These suppliers have seen it all so they will be your go-to resource for both quality products and top contractors to install board for you.

Once you’ve narrowed down your winners, shop around the quotes to get a rough idea of the standard price. Do your homework, trust but verify and do a quick gut check of this contractor. When you’re ready to commit, you’ll have the peace of mind and confidence to execute on this drywall installation project and avoid costly mistakes and repairs down the road. Feel free to reach out to us at for any questions and you can contact us as a top choice drywall contractor in Kelowna.